How to mine

We recommend to hash LUNA coins with at least 1.00 Ghz to make coins and up to 10Ghz . it all depends on the current network hash rate and difficulty that can be seen here :

LUNA block explorer | Blockexperts
LUNA block explorer is an online LUNA block, transaction and address browser.

Mining LUNA with NiceHash how-to guide :

we recommend to hash LUNA coins with at least 1.00 Ghz to make coins and up to 10Ghz . it all depends on the current network hash rate and difficulty that can be seen here :

Go to website and Click on 'Register', Enter your email address and fill Captch code in order to create your password.

2.Load wallet:
Go to Account > Wallet. In order to send BTC you will need to Create a 'Deposit BTC address' to add funds which you can use for hashing power

The funds you send will show up as 'Pending' until the transaction is confirmed and a few blocks deep in the blockchain.

3.Add pools:
While you wait for the funds confirmation, you are able to set your LUNA pool address. in order To do this, go to Account > Manage my pools.

In the 'Add new pool' box, you will fill the following information :
A)IP address or hostname
B)port number
C)Your username
D)Your password

a/b: The addresses and port numbers for the currently active LUNA pools can be found here :
c: Your username is actually your own personal LUNA address. This is where your share of the reward will be sent when your pool
finds finds a block.
d: This can be anything you want.

Once you've entered the required information, you can click the 'Pool verificator' link and NiceHash will do a quick handshake with the pool to make sure everything checks out.
If that goes well, click 'Add' to save the pool.

4.Start Hashing:
Once your funds have moved over to the 'Confirmed' box, you're ready to rock. Go to 'Orders'. This page shows the list of currently active hashing rental contracts.
In the Algorithm drop-down on the right, select 'Scrypt' (this is the hashing algorithm that LUNA uses).
To create a new order, click 'Standard' or 'Fixed' (What's the difference?)
a. Select your pool from the dropdown. This will be the one you created in step 3.
b. Enter a price. This is how much you're willing to pay per "unit" for hashing power. This will be locked if you selected 'Fixed.' If you picked Standard, you can probably just leave the default since it will be set to the lowest rate that is currently viable.
c. Specify how much hashing power you want to buy (probably a good idea to start with the minimum 5 TH/s on your first go-around).
d. Specify how much you want to spend on this order. The more you spend, the longer the contract will run, but obviously this number has to be lower than the amount of confirmed funds in your wallet.

Click Create. That's it! You are now hashing LUNA coins!



Importnat for miners, please use pool mining not solo mining its is hard to mine alone everyone have to use mining pool so they can get coins and not do blocks on their own, We will make an explainer video soon on how to pool mine instead of solo.

How to setup Luna Wallet On Windows

Step 1

For Windows Platform


Download Luna Wallet Here 2.Double Click on the LUNA-qt.exe windows luna wallet will auto create LUNA directory in Windows see below image c:/Users/your-windows-username/AppData/Roaming/LUNA

NOTE sometimes AppData is a hidden file so do make sure to check view hidden files in ur windows settings

3.Download Luna Win Miner 64bit here Download 64bit and extract files to the LUNA directory and then open and replace the text to minerd -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR-WALLET-ADDRESS -p x

3.1 Download Luna Win Miner 32bit here Download 64bit and extract files to the LUNA directory and then open and replace the text to minerd -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR-WALLET-ADDRESS -p x

4.Extract all files to Windows c:/Users/your-windows-username/AppData/Roaming/LUNA

6.Double click on LUNA-qt.exe wallet

Wait for the blocks to catchup :-)

7. Double click on mine.bat cmd will open see image below example and Walaaa! wallet should start mining coins

If you are unsure or do not understand we can help setup luna on your desktop by teamviewer and make sure version 12 TM is installed. This service is free of charge.

LUNA is an open source and can be found on Download for Mac available.

3rd Party Mining Pools More will Be added here

Homepage -

Configure Your Miners

stratum+tcp:// YOUR WALLET -p x

ports vardriff Port: 5000, Diff: 8 Port: 5001, Diff: 256 Port: 5002, Diff: 18192

Happy Mining Smiley Payouts are every 30 mins after blocks matured

=============================Alternative Setup your own node on Ubunu server=============================
Other Wallets


MAC Download Link MAC WALLET

=============================LUNA OPEN SOURCE CODE=============================

Luna Wallet Open Source

Luna Paper Wallet Luna Paper Wallet

Join Facebook LUNACOIN group for more info">

Bitluna Structure
We are a team of dedicated hard working individuals that strives hard to make one of the biggest multi money making platform program for life, Luna brings you one step close to helping you to make money with different earning methods online.

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2.Lunacoin bringing you a hybrid coin Pos/Pow to mine with ease, LUNA has 0 premined coins giving the chance to others to mine and sell.

3.Mitefx is an exchanger like any other exchanger that allows to exchnage from (LUNA 2 BTC) we have many more exchangers on the list who are already integrating LUNA and these exchangers will be announced on the launch day.

Bitluna Security
1.We believe in security always to keep our client accounts safe and secure, online encryption by comodo 128Bit SSL is most widely used. Bitluna not just offers Comodo security luna has addtional security like pin transaction date of birth verifications and so on.
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Redundent Servers
1.Redundent ServerWe have multiple backup servers to balance high load traffic helping to keep 100% uptime.

2.Our dedicated servers are highly secured running the fastest webservers with high end firewall, Luna keeps real time sync backups just incase we have power faliure on one server the other server will trip, We have multiple servers just incase one server goes down the other is up! this means 100% Uptime.

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